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Body of Deceit Captures

Screen captures from “Body of Deceit” are now in the gallery.

Purity Falls+Site Updates

The site and gallery has been updated with new themes. Images of Kristanna from her latest film “Purity Falls” are now in the gallery. Posters, stills and more from the film have been uploaded.

Movies > Purity Falls (2019)


BloodRayne Update

Dark Kingdom Captures

Screen captures of Kristanna from Dark Kingdom are now in the gallery.

Gallery Update

Black Rose


Hey guys some news here about Kristanna’s new film “Black Rose.”

The film will be out in select theaters on April 28 2017.

Posters, stills and a promotional image have been added to the gallery.

Hunting the Phantom Captures

Our gallery has been updated with screen captures of Kristanna from the film Hunting the Phantom.

Movies > Hunting the Phantom (2013) > Screen Captures

Maid For You Update

A still has been released for the film along with a few more on set images.


Maid For You

A new poster has been released for Maid For You.  Kristanna posted on her instagram that the Premiere screening of Maid For You will be held at the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival on July 19th 9pm.

Lime Salted Love

Screen captures and stills are now in the gallery for Lime Salted Love.